What is NameVault?

In modern MMOs and other multiplayer games, character customization has proven itself to be one of the most important components to player experience. If you're going to sink five hundred hours into a game, you should feel good doing it right? The pinnacle of this comes from your characters name. It is the label by which you are known throughout the realm and the title through which you stake your reputation. It is yours and yours alone.

Unfortunately, over time the most desired names have been taken in popular games. That's where NameVault comes in. By allowing users to easily search for name availability across multiple servers, and providing free tracking, it can help you get the name you deserve.

Multi-Game Support

Forget about using a different site for each game. With NameVault you can keep track of desired names for each of the games you play, all in one place.


Personal Vault

Is there a name you've been interested in for a long time? Instead of looking it up over and over, add it to your personal vault.


Automatic Tracking

Are you interested in a contested name? NameVault will automatically notify you when it becomes available, so you can get an edge on the competition.

Get In Touch

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