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In League of Legends, there are two ways to claim an account name. One is to create a new account with that name, and the other is to purchase a “Summoner Name Change” on an existing account. League uses a system to automatically release names from inactive accounts, based on the player’s level and length of inaction.

When you use NameVault to search for a League name, you will see you one four results:


You will see this if no one in the listed region has this name. You can claim it through creating a new account or by purchasing a “Summoner Name Change” from an existing account.



You will see this if a player in the listed region has this name, but has been inactive for so long that it can be taken from them. This can only be done through the use of a “Summoner Name Change.”



You will see this if an active player in the listed region has this name. If the player remains inactive from this day forward, the name will become available on the listed day.


Invalid Name

You will see this if you used a search term that uses a character League of Legends does not accept for display names. These vary by region.

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