Our Algorithm

In Maplestory, there are two ways to claim an account name. One is to create a new account with that name, and the other is to perform a name change on an existing account with a name change coupon. Maplestory does not automatically release names from inactive accounts, so there is no way for us to entirely predict when a name will become available.

When you use NameVault to search for a Maplestory name, you will see you one three results:


You will see this if no Maplestory player currently has this name. In this case, you can claim this name with a new account, or with a name change coupon on an existing account.



You will see this if a player currently has this name. You will not be able to take this name unless that player chooses to change their name to something else.


Invalid Name

You will see this if you used a search term that uses a character Maplestory does not accept for display names.

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